Trade Services for Real Estate

As a business owner who provides maintenance and repairs for residential and commercial properties, your bookkeeping needs to differentiate between the types of work you and your team perform so you know where you are most profitable and your greatest sources of revenue. And you need an expert bookkeeper, like us, to also avoid unnecessary tax fines and penalties.

As expert bookkeepers, we proactively help clients who are involved with trade services for real estate avoid these three common pain points and many others.

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Pain Point #1

Not setting up accounts to track different departments for profitability.

Solution: We listen to understand how your business operates and the different types of services you provide your customers. Then we set up accounts to track revenue streams from each department to determine profitability. Relying on a CPA or sales software to keep track of income and expenses may prevent you from being able to run an aging accounts receivable report and other monthly reports to track profitability.

Pain Point #2

Not setting processes and procedures to assure best practices for tax reporting and compliance to avoid penalties and fines.

Solution: Having monthly and quarterly reports prepared help keep you from missing tax deadlines or asking your CPA to file for extensions. An expert bookkeeper will set up your accounts, accurately complete your data entry and run reports for you to help reduce the stress of tax related matters.

Pain Point #3

Not having a bookkeeper who works with your payroll company to assure general accounting practices compliance.

Solution: When there is a high volume of workers to be paid weekly, a clearing account in QuickBooks needs to be set up with a customized journal entry to populate the correct accounts. We help clients set up this customized journal entry so we can assign departments to track different payroll expenses for different product installation, repair and maintenance work performed.

Overall, we help business owners specializing in real estate trade services...

  • Focus on the business rather than in the business for growth and expansion.
  • Have more consistent and accurate reports for better business decision making.
  • Enjoy more time with family and friends.

“Since 2014, Karen has been performing my internal auditing function and QuickBooks work. She is very knowledge and has exceeded my expectations with respect to the ongoing work she does for my company.”

Doug P., Trade Services Provider for Commercial and Residential Real Estate, Georgia

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