Are you ready to know and understand
the financial status of your business,  
get the clarity and accuracy in your reports
and experience business growth?
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Real Estate Investors
If your bookkeeping is not properly set up,
costly money management mistakes can lead to tax reporting issues,
tax audits and poor business decision making for real estate investors.
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Setting up QuickBooks with bookkeeping best practices includes
separating income sources to identify between different types
of law services to know where you are most profitable.
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Trade Services for Real Estate
Your bookkeeping needs to differentiate between
the types of trade services for real estate performed
to know where you are most profitable.

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Are you spending too much time away from family and friends
just to get your bookkeeping updated and understand your finances?

Here’s how you can know and understand the financial status of your business, get clarity from the reports and experience growth in your business.

  • You have regularly scheduled meeting with us to review reports to know where your business stands financially.
  • You receive special reports to provide more insight into your business for growth and decisions.
  • You get an accurate and current financial picture for loans, grants or other fiscal opportunities.
  • As the business owner, you have more time to grow the business and also spend time with family and friends.


Have more time to work on growing the business and get clarity about your finances.
Work on revenue and growth objectives not bookkeeping tasks.

Most of our clients are in these industries
and we specialize in setting up and managing
their QuickBooks specific to their needs:

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Are you ready to know and understand
the financial status of your business,
get the clarity and accuracy
in your reports and make better
informed decisions for business growth?