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The Small Business Advisor is a team of QuickBooks experts who provide bookkeeping and comprehensive financial data services. Clients know our personable and experienced professionals will manage and support their unique bookkeeping and reporting needs. All of the team members are highly educated and have a natural love for numbers.


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QuickBooks Tips

  • How to Create Estimates in QuickBooks Online

    Whether you sell products or services, you may need to create estimates in QuickBooks Online. Here’s how it’s done. It would be nice if you could just instantly invoice every sale. But sometimes your customers need to know what a particular purchase will cost before they make the decision to buy. So you need to

    July 7, 2021
  • Know Where You Stand: Use QuickBooks Reports

    Know Where You Stand: Use QuickBooks Reports  It’s impossible to have a clear picture of where your business is headed without regularly running QuickBooks’ built-in reports. If you’re currently using QuickBooks, you know how it’s transformed your daily bookkeeping practices. You can create sales forms like invoices quickly and actually find them when you need

    July 6, 2021
  • Some Small Businesses Are Recovering. Is Yours?

    The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t over, but many small businesses are on the upswing. How QuickBooks Online can help if yours isn’t. Intuit recently did a survey documenting the financial losses that many small businesses had experienced since March 2020. Not surprisingly, the report, Intuit QuickBooks Small Business Recovery, found that COVID-19 has had a significant

    June 9, 2021
  • Save Time By Memorizing Transactions in QuickBooks

    Do you create the same transactions repeatedly? QuickBooks allows you to memorize them.   Accounting involves a lot of repetition. You send invoices and receive payments and pay bills, over and over. Sometimes they’re similar enough every month that you’d swear you already processed them.   QuickBooks has a feature that can both save time

    June 8, 2021
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