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About Us

The Small Business Advisor is a team of QuickBooks experts who provide bookkeeping and comprehensive financial data services. Clients know our personable and experienced professionals will manage and support their unique bookkeeping and reporting needs. All of the team members are highly educated and have a natural love for numbers.


Established companies grow and expand their businesses
with the support of our expert bookkeeping approach.

Most of our clients are in these industries
and we specialize in setting up and managing
their QuickBooks specific to their needs:

Individual or group real estate investors, brokers and property managers

law firms

Small accounting practices

Small to mid-size construction companies in growth mode


Non-profit organizations

QuickBooks Tips

  • How to Maintain Customer Records in QuickBooks Online

    Your customers are your company’s lifeblood. Make sure their records are thorough and up-to-date. When companies buy other companies, what’s often considered the most critical asset? The customer list. When a business is damaged and data possibly lost, which set of records do they most hope to recover? The customer list. You probably spend most

    January 5, 2022
  • Start 2022 Off Right: Clean Up QuickBooks

    Is Your QuickBooks company file ready for 2022? Three things you can do to put things in order. January is always such a transitional month. You’re trying to wrap up everything that didn’t get done during a hectic December. At the same time, you have to jump into the new year and start doing your

    January 4, 2022
  • Expand QuickBooks Online’s Features: Use Integrated Apps

    Are you finding that you need more flexibility in an area of QuickBooks Online? Maybe it’s time to try an integrated app. When you first started using QuickBooks Online, you probably found that it supplied the tools you needed to manage your accounting – and then some. But if your business has grown or become

    December 8, 2021
  • Are You Using QuickBooks’ Custom Fields? Should You Be?

    QuickBooks was designed to be used by numerous types of small businesses. Custom fields help you tailor it to meet your own needs. One of the reasons that QuickBooks is so popular is that it can be used by a wide variety of business types, from pet stores to landscaping companies to coffee shops. Many

    December 7, 2021
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