Real Estate Investors

Most real estate investors don’t have the time to do their own bookkeeping correctly and proactively. This can lead to costly money management mistakes that can lead to tax reporting issues, tax audits and poor business decision making.

Depending on if you are a real estate investor who manages your own properties or manages other people’s properties, we proactively help our real estate investors avoid this common pain point as well as many others.

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Pain Point #1

Properly recording the purchase and sale of a property.

Solution: we work with CPAs and accountants to set up all the journal entries correctly and accurately. When a property is purchased, it must be recorded in your books as an asset as shown on the closing documents.

And when the property is sold, it is recorded in the books to show you no longer own the asset and any income if a profit was earned or a loss if incurred is also recorded.

Overall, we help real estate investors…

  • Focus on the business rather than in the business for growth and expansion.
  • Have more consistent and accurate reports for better business decision making.
  • Enjoy more time with family and friends.

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