When you have questions about your bookkeeping, we’re here to help.

I’ve been doing my own bookkeeping, but now realize I need more insight from my monthly reports to grow and manage my business better. How can you help me?

We help growing businesses organize their bookkeeping to identify where they are making money and even re-categorize expenses to maximize your tax deductions. You benefit from our expertise using QuickBooks features and reports. We find the missing pieces in your bookkeeping so your decisions are based on the complete financial picture. We’ll show you how to view all the reports including your Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss (Income Statement) Reports. Click now to let us know more about your needs or set up an appointment.

I still want to manage my own bookkeeping, but can you set up QuickBooks and train me?

This approach is often the best starting point for small business owners. We can advise you on which version of QuickBooks to purchase and then we’ll install the software for you. We’ll set up a customized Chart of Accounts and your Lists (vendors, customers, items, classes, etc.) to get you started. We’ll also set up a customized invoice template. Next, we train you how to best use QuickBooks. It’s really smart to have an expert to set up your bookkeeping needs and then teach you the proper way to use QuickBooks. Click now to let us know more about your needs or set up an appointment.

I’m having problems collecting late payments from my customers and sometimes not getting paid at all. How can you help me?

Very few financial matters are more frustrating than delayed payments or, worse, getting no payment. That’s why The Small Business Advisor developed an accounts receivable collection program especially for small to medium size businesses. Using scripts and schedules, we will show you or your personnel a relaxed and friendly approach to collecting accounts receivable without hassle or run around. Should an account become delinquent, we put policies and procedures for collections in place. Click now to let us know more about your needs or set up an appointment.

Do you offer support for periodic questions or problems?

Our clients who do some of their own bookkeeping in-house rely on us for a wide range of support issues. We can coach you through a minor fix or schedule time for a more thorough solution. More in-depth support and training are available at affordable rates. Learn more about which plan will work best for you or click now to let us know more about your needs or set up an appointment.

How do I know when it’s time to turn over my bookkeeping to a professional service?

As a small business owner, you’ve likely heard the saying “You need to work ON your business, not IN your business.” Here’s a scenario that has helped others come to their own conclusion about using a professional bookkeeping service: a business owner is spending on average 10 hours a month to complete data entry, reconcile accounts and run reports. Sometimes, it takes longer if new vendors or categories are needed or the numbers don’t reconcile. During these 10+ hours each month, they are NOT earning an income nor doing business development. So what’s their revenue gain by doing their own bookkeeping? ZERO. With a free 30-minute consultation, you’ll learn how much more working ON your business will allow you to generate revenue and growth.

Do you prepare taxes?

We prepare and turn over your highest level of reports and data files to you for you to share with your CPA or tax accountant (or registered agent). Your tax professional extracts the necessary details to prepare your taxes. All of your data will be correctly entered for your tax filing agent who files your taxes. We also encourage all of our clients to work with a CPA because they are required to know all the new tax laws and tax changes that occur each year. Contact us for your free 30-minute consultation on how your tax reports can be managed by Certified ProAdvisors – QuickBooks.

What types of businesses do you serve?

Our client experience includes car dealerships, real estate investors, business services, accountants, attorneys, nonprofits and retail shops.  Because of our high level of expertise, we are able to apply our knowledge to almost any industry or business type. We have developed specialized models that allows QuickBooks to help you measure performance when you’re managing multiple locations, operators, properties and client types. We can also make sure that you have the CORRECT version of QuickBooks based on if you are “for profit” or “not for profit”. There are also significant differences between the desktop and online versions that only a QuickBooks expert can help you assess. Be sure to contact us and schedule your free 30-minute consultation specific to your business or nonprofit.

I’m just getting started with my bookkeeping. How is your QuickBooks training different from other courses?

Our training is specifically focused on your type of business or organization as well as your financial goals and objectives. You receive one-on-one training with ongoing support as you have questions. We’ll advise you on which QuickBooks version to purchase, install the software, do a customized set up and then teach you how to get the most from QuickBooks. We’ll work with you over several months so you receive hands-on and practical experience. Contact us to learn more about what you’ll receive in our training.

Do you have other questions?

Send us an email or give us a call, 770-356-1234.